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Predator game downloadsPlatforms: Java (J2ME)

Predator leads to a major crisis of The Earth harboring mankind's greatest fear!

An alien has lost his way and took the Earth as his home planet. As a predator, embark upon a path of carnage and turn giant creatures and advanced weapons into worthless rescue teams!

Fly over the humans and devour them into your spaceship to increase the energy level of your UFO.
Manipulate background items such as cars to attack the rescue teams.

free online gameFeatures:
- Real-time damage with stunning explosive effects
- Intelligent enemies respond strategically to attacks
- High definition physics on manipulating background items

Download Predator:

Size: 64 Kb
Compatible with:
All J2ME models :: All Any J2ME device

Download free java game to PC:

JAD file
JAR file

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