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Splinter Cell - Double Agent: Free Java Game

Splinter Cell - Double Agent: Free Java Game DownloadPlatforms: Java (J2ME)

Gameloft introduces the latest Splinter Cell for mobile, Splinter Cell: Double Agent! For those who have not played the previous versions of Splinter Cell or have not heard about it, in Splinter Cell, you play a special agent, sort of like a super James Bond, but with more espionage involved! It is much like the playstation game Metal Gear Solid!

Splinter Cell: Double Agent is a side scrolling action and espionage game, where you must get past several guards on patrol, security cameras, gun emplacements and mine in order to complete your mission. In that aspect, this Splinter Cell: Double Agent is very much like the other Splinter Cell for mobile. However, Double Agent has a mission where you get to swim underwater, evade sharks and underwater mines as well as other divers. While a novelty, that particular level was ridiculously easy. So, is Double Agent a successful follow-up for all the current Splinter Cells? Well, Double Agent seemed to be definitely harder compared to the predecessors, the under water mission not considered. So fans of this type of game genre will certainly love it. The adrenaline pumping action is also definitely improved, and there are times when guards suddenly emerge and you must immediately take evasive action, or risk getting shot at. Gamers will definitely find themselves constantly on their toes as Double Agent takes them on a roller coaster ride of action and espionage. However, like all of the Splinter Cell mobile games, Double Agent also suffers in terms of replayability. Once youíve played the game in all the difficulty levels, the really isnít much for you to do, except perhaps, start all over.

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Gameloft maintains its standards for producing high standard games, and gamers will not be disappointed in Double Agent. The graphics are as good, if not better that previous Splinter Cells. There certainly seems to be more detail in the game background compared to the old Splinter Cells. The in game sound effects are similar, such as gun shot sounds and explosion effects especially the mines. However the theme and the music of the game have definitely gone through some sweet changes.

All in all, Splinter Cell: Double Agent is certainly a must play game, despite its limited replayability. The game is certainly fun while it lasts, and will definitely get the gamer hooked until the gamer finishes the game at least once. I know I lost some sleep to this game.

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