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Well, wait!

Well, wait!   The legendary game

The legendary game is back!
The ultimate dream of the whole Soviet kids! Certainly rewound on your mobile phone funny cartoon wolf, catching balls.

Wolf went into business and opened a poultry farm:) Seeing a rolling egg - rather send in the wolf and substitute basket. Next - a trick!

You can play the classic game, which was known in Soviet times, and in a humorous version where the wolf gets clicks and clout, loses his pants and falls in love with sexy she-wolf.


A variety of games: Classic - a game with a classic Soviet animation, humor - the game with a new amusing animation;
Adjustable difficulty level: game A - easy (3 Tray) Game B - Severe (4 Tray);
Full support for all touch screen and stylus handsets;
Design that simulates the Soviet game;
New jokes in the animation level of humor;
Gradual increase in complexity;
Reset penalty points when reaching 200 points and then multiply 500 points;
Musical accompaniment, not for one second lets you forget about what you play;
Saving at any point in the game;
Global table of records of levels and games

Original Name: Well, wait! Poultry Farm
Vendor: NET Lizard
Genre: Arcade
Screen Size: 128x160, 240x320, 240x400, 352x416

Download Well, wait!:

nu_pogodi_nok_128x160_2.jar (JAR file)
nu_pogodi_nok_128x160_2.jad (JAD file)

nu_pogodi_noke50_240x320.jar (JAR file)
nu_pogodi_noke50_240x320.jad (JAD file)

nu_pogodi_samstar_240x400_touch.jar (JAR file)
nu_pogodi_samstar_240x400_touch.jad (JAD file)

nu_pogodi_nok_352x416.jar (JAR file)
nu_pogodi_nok_352x416.jad (JAD file)

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