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Buzz 3G Enters the Google Apps
and Microsoft Live Race

Apps Google, Microsoft Live, Mobile Phones Buzz Technologies announced that Buzz 3G enters the Google Apps and Microsoft Live race.

Buzz 3G with its free Office Suite, Free Text messaging and Free VoIP certainly has a serious edge on other recently released Application services, add to that the 3G interactivity on a global level between PC and Mobile and Buzz is set to dominate this new market.

Google Apps and Windows Live are the only 2 competitors, but neither offer the depth of communications available on the Buzz 3G plug-in for Windows IE and Firefox and as a stand alone Browser that gives the User, the ability to send Games, Ringtones,Video's, Text Messages and Multimedia Messages directly to Mobile Phones Globally. It also gives the user the best VoIP and a Virtual PC. Send messages from your PC to Mobile and manage responses right on your PC, turn your Video Files, Photos and Music into Mobile Phone Content. Share Video and Music LIVE in THE BUZZ IM.

Clean out your Hard Drive and run everything from the Buzz Virtual Computer, a state of the art server-based application that offers true High speed streaming. This application will deliver you the best of the media rich content on the web or mobile networks and is robust enough for carriers or Small Businesses to use as an operating platform for Content Delivery to customers.

The Licensing of Sun Microsystems Open Office, that Buzz will enhance, gives our end users the ultimate service at the lowest possible price. This low price and the Multilingual nature of the Application gives Buzz the largest potential market of anyone in the industry.


About Buzz

Buzz Technology is a diverse group of telecommunications and internet related products and services aimed at the new frontier of next generation technology from telephony, fixed line and VoIP, to state of the art search engines and the delivery of information, news, entertainment and communications in new ways to new devices. Established in Asia and expanded to the USA, Buzz will continue to expand where consumers desire, introducing reliable VoIP, access to powerful, direct result search engines and technological business and home solutions based on next generation technology accomplished through in house development, licensing, acquisition, and strategic partnerships based on mutually beneficial business goals and compatibilities. Buzz is poised to take the leadership position in turnkey internet solutions in the Asian consumer market place.

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