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My Little Pony Screensaver

My Little Pony Screensaver

The Animated Series, which has become the next step of the development corporation established franchise Hasbro My Little Pony, is centered around a series of sugary-colorful toy ponies. It is undoubted champion of popularity, the number of births memes, many fans and recognition of images. You will remain just download this screensaver to your phone.

Size: 240x320 px

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The most important topics in children's cartoons have always been good and true friendship. Only such cartoons can teach children good deeds, to instill in them the correct behaviors. Perhaps that is why such projects are currently gaining popularity quickly among young viewers. No exception, and the animated cartoon about a cute multi-colored ponies. Due to the popularity of these characters among girls, the game developers have created a huge variety of different online characters known games. The most famous of these games you can find in intrnet easily. Numerous My Little Pony games are a great fun for fans of the famous cartoon! And yet few people know that these popular at this time the cartoon characters were originally conceived as a doll for girls.


But their creators, seeing in them a huge potential, we decided to remove them for the story. Any child who has ever looked at least one series, instantly fell in love with this series. Firstly, this is due to a gripping storyline, and secondly by the fact that in the lead roles are cute colorful pony!

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